Who We Are

Fundraising. Support. Education.

Transition House Foundation was formed in February 1986. The Foundation has a volunteer board and a part-time office manager. Although Cape Breton Transition House is funded through the Department of Community Services for staffing, major repairs and major household expenses etc. Transition House relies on the Foundation for many necessary extras. These include emergency funds – if a woman has to relocate in an emergency then funds may be made available etc.; household service; outreach retreat; craft supplies and entertainment; clothes and personal items; furniture for the shelter; comfort allowance – a small amount is provided to the women if they have no funds so they can at least go out for a coffee; etc. The Foundation also assists with the public education in the community.

Our Mission 

The mandate of Transition House Foundation is to raise money to support projects and programs of Cape Breton Transition House (a safe haven for abused women and their children), to acquire money or furnishings and goods for use in Cape Breton Transition House and to conduct public education projects.